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Introducing Maya

I’ve spent some time actually using Rhea in production… and I have to say that it’s somewhat limited to my taste.

I happen to manage tens to hundreds of Wowza instances using shellscripts, ssh, and git/svn.

And while it’s actually pretty easy to get things done this way, there are a few (key) operations for which I was forced to interface with JMX. And JMX, in my opinion, is a strange beast of which I’m not exactly fond of.

Which led me to an idea of extending Rhea to expose some of the most frequent operations.

Long story short — I took a short exploratory coding trip and came back with a new module.

Meet Maya, as in “manage your apps.”

The result is still quite simple (and opinionated) module, backward compatible with Rhea. And it adds two nice features:

  • can respond in either plaintext or JSON
  • can start/enable/disable/list applications

That way you can pretty much kiss JMX goodbye for app-administration related tasks.

You can read the full maya documentation or get the maya release file.

Hope you find it useful.